Faux Marble Walls

Thanks to our noted artists, we are able to offer our clients custom surface finishes and textures that afford only the the highest level of quality and excellence.  It has taken nearly two decades to develop the craftsmanship that is demanded to create faux painting finishes that are almost impossible to discern from costly real marble, metal, stone and exotic wood.  Every hand-finished piece achieves a high level of presentation that your family and friends will marvel at and enjoy for many years to come.

In addition to our standard faux finishes, we can also create a custom faux finish just for you that will match your home perfectly. To help us match your colors, or interior, please send a photo or a color sample. Our faux finishing capabilites are limited only by your imagination! Not only do we offer custom faux finished furniture products, but we also offer faux painting and texturizing services for your interior walls, exterior walls, cabinets, and furniture.

Whether you have a home, commercial building, retail store, restaurant or office that needs a facelift our faux painting will create a unique atmosphere that people will remember for years.